Saturday, 12 July 2014

The Sublime Bump: 34 weeks

Only about 6 weeks to go! These posts have not been the regular record of my pregnancy that I had hoped, but I have been so wiped out that I can't do the regular evening blogging that I have in the past. Once V is in bed I need to pass out pretty quickly myself most nights. Toilet training is also keeping us extra busy at the moment. 

Anyway, getting back to the bump, things appear to be going fine. I have an antenatal appointment next week where hopefully my midwife will be happy with me and put my mind as ease about things as they usually do. It's great to think that our baby is actually due next month, as we just can't wait to meet him. Apparently he is now the size of a butternut squash, weighing between 4.2 and 5.8lbs. I imagine he's at the heavier end of this estimation particularly as V was over 9lbs and I'm feeling fairly big again this time. 

Cravings have been fun - apt for the warm weather I've been wanting lots of ice lollies, fruit juice, watermelon and nectarines. I have a much sweeter tooth than usual. I've also been trying to eat more iron rich foods to tackle my anaemia. I've indulged most of my cravings although I often start craving chocolate at night when it's too late to go out and buy any!

As for this summer weather, I am feeling the heat! It's lovely that we're having the opportunity for lots of picnics and summery outings, but I am usually looking for a bit of shade to sit in and keep cool. Dressing for the weather is also difficult when my wardrobe is limited and I keep getting too big for things. Strappy tops and short skirts are my current worst nightmare so I'm sticking mostly to jersey dresses. My favourite is a nice flattering maxi dress. When at home I'm straight into PJ bottoms and my husband's tshirts. 

I'm lucky to be feeling in reasonably good health at this point. I'm starting to get a bit more achey in my back and ribs, but it's nothing unbearable. I've just ordered a new birthing ball from Amazon as I find these are great for sitting on in the last weeks of pregnancy when no other seat is comfortable. I'm feeling lots of pressure on my pelvic floor and bathroom trips are frequent. And I'm really moving like an old lady whenever I need to stand up or bend down! My belly button is sticking out which V finds very amusing, while I'm fairly disturbed by it...

Here is the big old bump: