Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Maternity wear dilemmas: dressing up

When I'm pregnant I always find it that bit more challenging to dress up for special occasions. I like to show off my bump but not other parts of me which are less erm, svelte, than usual! The normal me likes short hemlines and high heels but when pregnant my priority is comfort.

Here's what I wore to the wedding we were at in Edinburgh recently. This maternity dress was bought on sale from Asos and I loved wearing it as it's the perfect length, and is feminine and flattering without revealing too much. The shrug came from John Lewis (non-maternity) and I bought my normal size so I can wear it after pregnancy. I can't fasten it just now but it looks nicer open anyway. And in the shoe department I went for some very comfy mid-heeled wedges from Debenhams. My feet were happy all day which was a great relief as I was also chasing a 2 year-old around!

For good measure I've thrown in a photo of R striking a pose in his kilt. If you've never ceilidh danced with a man in a kilt you should put it on your bucket list. Haha. truly one of my favourite things.

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  1. That dress is beautiful on you! :) Lovely for a wedding. I'm amazed your still wearing heels too, even if they are wedges. So much admiration for you! I'm clumsy enough on heels anyway, in pregnancy there's no way I'd add that clumsiness too it, it wouldn't end well haha.

    Away From Blue

    1. Thanks Mica, I was surprised at myself for wearing heels all day with this big bump - I did have flats in my bag just in case! x

  2. The dress looks great on you and wedges are the perfect pregnancy heel I think. I quite enjoyed dressing my bump and I agree comfort always came first during pregnancy.

  3. Lovely dress & how cool does your other half look in his kilt! I went to a Scottish wedding once & have never had more fun! I also saw more than an eyefull I can tell you! Ax


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