Monday, 5 August 2013

On family traditions and using everything

In my husband's family, there is a generations-old tradition of taking a roast chicken to each of your grown-up children every Saturday. And now when my parents-in-law visit us at the weekend, they always bring a lovely warm rotisserie chicken for us to eat. Obviously I approve of this tradition and that chicken always goes down well!

Once we've devoured most of the meat, I often boil up the chicken carcass to make stock. Throwing it out feels like such a waste and there isn't much effort involved in just leaving it to simmer away in water, plus you end up with a wonderful base you can freeze or use right away in a soup or sauce. 

After the weekend is over, and before I've done a big weekly shop, I often find myself with a fridge that is rather forlorn and bare-looking, apart from a few odds and ends that need to be used up. Today with my chicken stock at the ready, I found myself with the perfect opportunity to make my husband's favourite soup: Minestrone. A classic dish of leftovers! This one contained red and brown onions, courgettes, tinned tomatoes, the end of a bottle of red wine, a little bit of pesto, tomato puree, dried herbs and of course my tasty chicken stock. I also added some of the meat from the chicken to the soup, which made it extra-hearty. Not to forget the last strands from a packet of spaghetti, snapped into little bits. I topped it with some grated cheese (Manchego left over from our Sunday cheeseboard) and it was a good Monday night tea with some toasted crusty bread and butter. 

I really enjoy the satisfaction of making a proper meal out of leftover things! Do you have any favourite dishes that you make from leftovers?

Hannah x

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  1. Oh wow, do you know this is exactly what I want to eat now! Delicious, penicillin in a bowl and oh so tasty...we're the same, after the weekend there is nothing in the fridge and using leftovers to make soup is great summer or winter. Thanks for linking xxx

    1. Thanks Vicki, I was feeling a little unwell yesterday and this soup helped me feel a bit better! x

  2. Oh yummy!

    I wish my parents bought me a rotisserie chicken when they came over! I usually just get handed a bill delivered to the wrong address!!

    Looks lush x

    1. Thanks Kelly, LOL about the bills - we get those passed on too! Yes the chicken is a nice gift. I will need to try and continue this lovely tradition when my son grows up, although we may all be eating lab-grown meat by then - bleugh! x


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