Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Days out in Glasgow: Pollok Country Park

This is one of our favourite places to spend a day in Glasgow. The beautiful estate on the city's Southside provides a haven for walking, playing and picnicking just a few minutes' journey from the city centre. Earlier in the week we enjoyed a rather damp and very autumnal-feeling picnic overlooking the White Cart Water next to Pollok House (pictured above). When living in or visiting Glasgow you must learn to enjoy being out and about in wet weather a lot of the time!

Aged sixteen I had my first job working at the tearoom in the old kitchens of this house, so I've spent far too much time here! But historic houses fill me with a sense of magic and I still love exploring the rooms and passages of this fascinating eighteenth century home. It provides an insight into the aristocratic life of the Maxwell family, particularly during the 1930s, complete with El Greco and Goya paintings on the walls. The surrounding gardens are gorgeous too.

Also housed within the grounds of Pollok Park is The Burrell Collection: one of the city's best museums and art collections. We can't visit the park without a good run around the big play park opposite the Burrell.

My favourite park in the world. Please don't miss this out on any visit to Glasgow!


  1. It looks like such a beautiful place to visit :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. Thanks Mica, its even alright in the rain! x

  2. It looks magical! I've missed days out like this & can't wait to take the kids out on amazing day trips around the UK! Ax

    1. Ah yes, we are spoilt for country houses in the British Isles! x


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