Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Gifts for me!

When doing a spot of Christmas shopping, do you ever 'accidentally' buy yourself a few little gifts? Remember, you need to be treated too! Yesterday I enjoyed a little festive outing, started ticking off the present list and picked up these goodies for myself. Beaded necklace from Miss Selfridge and 'Beehive' lipstick from Topshop.

These will add a bit of pretty to warm winter outfits. What gifts have you bought yourself recently?

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  1. I've been so pants with Xmas shopping & came back with a pair of black leather gloves for moi last time I attempted to tackle my list! I've tagged you in a Winter Tag which will go live on my blog tomorrow & I'd love for you to take part but understand if you don't! I just wanted to share your fab blog with my readers! Ax

    1. Thanks Andrea, I do like taking part in a nice wee tag. Consider it done! x

  2. Lovely necklace!

    I always end up buying myself a little something or other when I go Christmas present shopping - especially when I'm shopping for people like my sister or friends, where we have such similar tastes! One for them, one for me....haha!

    Away From The Blue

    1. Good for you Mica, that's my kind of shopping philosophy ;) x

  3. You look great Hannah!

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