Sunday, 16 March 2014

The sublime bump: 16 weeks

This post is a bit late. But I've not had much time to myself as trying to sleep more has meant going to bed at 9pm when I get the chance!

So I am about 4 months pregnant now, and since I've been feeling better the time has really seemed to fly by! I've been reading up on hypnobirthing a bit in the last week, and this time around I'm feeling more excited about the birth itself. I suppose that's probably because I have a better idea of what to expect now.

The bump is so obvious now which is great. It's nice to be congratulated when people notice it! I'm rediscovering maternity clothes from last time which are so nice and comfortable to wear again. This dress is from Topshop maternity.

At 16 weeks baby is about the size of an avocado, or 4.6 inches long. Symptoms-wise I've still been feeling quite good, only getting nauseous when I'm hungry or tired. I'm not sleeping quite as well as usual but it's not too bad if I go to bed very early! I've been using coconut oil or almond oil as a body moisturiser each morning to help my skin as it stretches.

Can anyone share with me experiences of using hypnobirthing techniques? I didn't look into it last time but I'm becoming interested in some of the principles. If it worked/didn't work for you I would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Looking great! No advice re hypnobirthing, sorry. I new that c-section and drugs were going to be waiting for me at the end of my pregnancies.

    1. Thanks! Going into labour I know I won't be averse to drugs or intervention as necessary - whatever ensures baby's safe arrival (and pain limitation!) is what I'll go with :) x

  2. Looking beautiful, aw gorgeous little bump, love those early day x


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