Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Make! Cath Kidston fabric kitchen blind

When we moved into our flat we had this sort of a random blind in our kitchen over a recess, which further inspection revealed to be hiding the boiler. Now this would have been fine had the blind not been even uglier than the boiler itself, but it was made from white cotton fabric and it had absorbed all kinds of kitchen grease and dirt. Yeeeeeeuck! Thankfully no picture of the 'before'.

Now I have finally replaced my blind with an oilcloth or 'tablecloth' fabric blind I made in this fun Cath Kidston cowboy print. You can buy the material here on her website. Oilcloth is great for the kitchen (and not just for table coverings) as it's easily wiped clean due to its plasticky coating. It was incredibly easy to make as i just cut the fabric to size and used a blind kit with an adhesive strip to attach the fabric.

Have you come up with any interesting decor solutions recently? Please share in the comments!

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