Sunday, 29 September 2013

Review: Boogie Wipes

Did the name of this product make you giggle? I thought it was quite funny when I was sent these wipes for review. Boogie Wipes are soft and moist with a saline solution for wiping little noses. I'd normally tend to just wipe V's nose with a baby wipe or tissue, but these purpose-made nose wipes are also soft and gentle and come in a variety of handy sized packs. They are not abrasive like dry tissue can be on sensitive skin. V usually objects to having his nose cleaned but he seemed happier to do it on his own with these wipes, which come in unfragranced as well as pleasantly fragranced options. We liked the grape!

You may find these handy packets of wipes useful for carrying around for your kids, or even popping in their school bag.

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