Monday, 9 September 2013

The Green Smoothie: A PMS-busting breakfast?

Do you suffer from PMS? It's a horrid affliction but I've discovered that there are a few things I can do about it, and I've been experimenting with changing my diet around that time of the month.

Yesterday I was reading online that magnesium deficiency can be an aggravating factor of PMS, so I looked up foods with high magnesium content and decided that I'd try to incorporate more of these into my diet. Some of the top magnesium rich foods listed are spinach, bananas, yoghurt and dark chocolate - all things I love so I was happy about that! I eat these foods all the time so I'm not sure I can be magnesium deficient, but I will see if eating more of them helps me!

This morning for breakfast I made a smoothie as an easy way to cram in loads of magnesium rich food at the start of my day. Green smoothies are very popular at the moment so I figured that spinach in a fruit smoothie could not taste too bad (it was lovely).

My ingredients were one banana, about 100g Greek yoghurt, a few handfuls of spinach, a handful of blueberries and a splash of milk. I used my trusty hand blender to mash it all up.

My smoothie was really good! Even if it doesn't cure my PMS, at least it is still an enjoyable way to fill yourself with fruit and veg in the morning. Now I just need to get my hands on some dark chocolate...

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  1. That sounds lovely - I'm a big fan of smoothies and do try to incorporate spinach into as many as I can but wasn't aware of the PMS benefits - think hubby will be encouraging me to have one of these every day - haha! Thanks for sharing! x

  2. Oh wow yummy and about to go live on a PMT post-needs another polish. Vitamin B6 (I take 100mg) making such a huge difference to PMS and I'm also taking magnesium, zinc, evening primrose too. A nutritionalist who has a practice on Harley St advised me at an event recently that Vitamin D and calcium is also crucial for PMT! Thanks for linking up, looks delicious!

    1. Great - I cannot wait to read your post because I need help in this area!! I should also do a post soon on what's worked for me :)


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