Friday, 22 March 2013

Decorate! DIY pastel painted wardrobes

My idea for this home decor project was to 'bring a bit of Miami to our home in Glasgow'. Yes, this is something I actually said to my husband when I dreamed this plan up. He was very polite and let me get on with it.

Our flat is a work in progress which we're tackling slowly as it had some dodgy decor when we moved in and we've been trying to make it ours without huge expense. The previous owners left us these huge wardrobes that I initially wanted to dump, but once we got our clothes into them we realised how useful the hanging space was. This is when my upcycling plan was born.

The original wardrobes, looking a bit 'blah'

Project makeover in full swing

All we had to do was to lightly sand the surfaces then wipe them down with a dry cloth, leaving them primed for painting. I took the doors and drawer fronts off so that I could do my dirty work outside. We used 2 coats of Dulux satinwood in the shades atlantic surf 4 (above left) and amethyst showers 3 (above right). Don't you just love the names they come up with for paint colours?

Ta-dah! The finished job.

And in situ.

I am really pleased with my wardrobes! These pastel colours really cheer up our bedroom. Now, armed with Pinterest and my Kirstie Alsopp book, I just need to find something else to upcycle!

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