Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A family Sunday lunch: Tagliatelle with beef ragu

There are few weekend rituals that I enjoy more than cooking a big meal then having lots of family come over to share it with. I'm often inspired by cooking programmes on TV, but I have a habit of adapting what I have seen as I am not one to follow recipes too rigidly! Last weekend I fancied cooking this wild boar pasta dish that looked so good on the BBC's Food and Drink show, but I used some rump steak I had instead of the wild boar meat. This was a great way to serve some lovely slow cooked meat in the kind of big hearty meal we crave at our family gatherings.
 The ragu ready for the oven

One glass of wine for the pot, one for me!

Ready to serve

Our hall, which occasionally doubles as dining room

Lunch is served!

The tagliatelle was lovely sprinkled with some parmesan and served with salad, crusty bread and red wine. What are your favourite meals to cook for your family and friends?

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