Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Green Miu Mius

No, this is not a post about a spectacular new pair of heels! But I did get myself a lovely (necessary?) treat which I am very pleased to have.

So last week I had my six-monthly visit to the optician to check all is well with my eyes and my contact lens prescription. My glasses have been mostly relegated to indoor wear in recent years as they are so old, bent and generally awful. I had been avoiding the expense of new ones for ages but when I recently suffered a bout of conjunctivitis and had to reveal my specs to the world, I was so embarrassed by them that I did begin to think it might be time for a new pair. My optician was also horrified by the outdated prescription I'd been wearing and I was persuaded a little more when he showed me what I could have. When I discovered that my branch of Black and Lizars has become an outlet for bargain designer frames the purchase finally became a no-brainer!

Here's what I went for

Beautiful packaging as standard from Miu Miu

Looking a bit goofy, but pleased with my new specs!

The frames only cost me £39 and all in with lenses the total was I think £109. What a great price for new glasses. If you are in the market for some new specs or sunnies I would recommend taking a look in Black and Lizars outlet shops. My nearest is Albert Drive, Glasgow. Lovely helpful staff too!

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