Thursday, 18 July 2013

A day in Edinburgh

Today V and I travelled on the train to visit a great friend of ours in Edinburgh. We went to the meadows and enjoyed the wonderful sunshine. Lunch was delicious sushi at Koyama and we had frozen yoghurt from Frisky. Both places highly recommended! Thanks to our friend A for the loveliest day :) xxx


  1. I saw sushi. My favorite. What exactly is Edinburgh like? Madison and I are taking a visit to the UK next year and we want to learn as much as we can about the UK.

  2. Edinburgh is a stunningly beautiful city, not to be missed on your visit to the UK. We live very close and visit often but, despite my familiarity with the Scottish capital, I still feel that it's one of the most visually striking cities in Europe, with an incredible history and the architecture to go with it. I should try and put together a little post about visiting Edinburgh with small children. I think you'd find lots to entertain Madison in and around the city :)

    1. We're heading to London where my family resides and we're spending 2 weeks. i want to get to know and visit as much as I can in those 2 weeks.

    2. You will have a fab time in London, one of my fave cities!
      If you do come up to Scotland on your travels, 2014 is going to be an eventful year for our little country, with an independence referendum about to happen, plus major sporting events for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow over the summer! It would be an interesting time to pay us a visit :)

    3. It sure does sound like fun. I'll have to see if my family can take us on a trip there. :)


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