Sunday, 14 July 2013

Easy summer beauty picks

Here are some products that I've bought recently and are ideal for an easy summer beauty routine.

Vo5 Plump it up dry back comb spray. My hair can get a bit limp in the hot weather and this spray is just the thing to inject a bit of life and volume. My hair tends to be generally quite messy and undone anyway, but a bit of this rubbed into roots makes it messy in a better way! This is very quick and easy for me as I'm not one to spend any time on styling. It feels a bit like dry shampoo but not so powdery.

Mac mineralize skinfinish in soft and gentle. I only normally use a highlighter for evening makeup, and I recently picked up soft and gentle which is a lovely champagne-y/peachy shade just right for my skin tone. But for day I've also discovered that this works as a nice subtle eyeshadow to brighten up my eyes. I can see myself getting lots of use out of this.

Collection eyebrow definer in blonde is very cheap (only around £3) and it's the best eyebrow pencil I've found so far. The blonde shade is the best match for my brows and it's very quick and easy to use in my typical slap-dash manner, plus it's difficult to overdo it as this light shade seems just right. It's a retractable pencil so no sharpening required. I'm actually amazed by this bargain product!

Do you have any summer beauty recommendations for me? Please share!
Hannah x


  1. I love MAC products. Have you tried Clinique products as well. They're really pretty good. I love their lipgloss.

    1. I don't have much Clinique stuff, but I do like most of the things I have tried from that brand. I like their sunscreen and the chubby stick lip pencils - lovely range of colours. I'll have to check out the lipgloss too :)


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