Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Tasty Tuesdays: Tasty Benefits

Apologies on the lack of cooking today but, as we have been away from home for most of the last week, I haven't been cooking and have nothing to post! So instead I decided to show you the pudding I had this evening, and share with you some happy food facts. I have been enjoying lots of lovely summer fruits recently and some of my favourites are nectarines, watermelon and of course all the wonderful berries that we can pick locally during the warm months. Recently I found out that strawberries are a potent anti-ageing food due to their high vitamin and antioxidant content, plus strong anti-inflammatory properties. They can really help prevent wrinkles! I was also pleased to discover studies have proved that eating low-fat dairy, particularly yoghurt, helps you lose body fat. It especially helps you stay trim around the tummy area. So this is a great summer dessert packed with health and beauty benefits. I may just eat it every day!

I'm linking up with Honest Mum's 'Tasty Tuesdays'. I'm really enjoying this fantastic linky and it looks like there are some great recipes to check out this week. Do click on the link below to have a look!


  1. Thanks for linking up gorgeous lady-wow just picked up some strawberries from Waitrose ready to eat with yoghurt! Love how good it is for our bodies and skin! Thanks for linking up x

    1. I love enjoying something that feels like a treat but is so healthy at the same time! x

  2. I love strawberries with natural yoghurt!


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