Monday, 8 April 2013

Days Out: Glasgow Riverside Museum

Glasgow's new Riverside Museum is a great place to visit with or without children. My friend came through from Edinburgh last week and we decided to amuse our kids with a trip there.
How could I not photograph this train marked with my initials?

Rather funky bus

One end of the 'street'

This would have been the tram to my neck of the woods!

I have always been a fan of Glasgow's Transport Museum and I approve of its new home in this stunning Zaha Hadid building by the river Clyde. Unfortunately none of my photos do justice to the building's beautiful exterior but it is an amazing water-inspired piece of design which reflects the life of the river around it. The museum informs us of Glasgow's history as a major centre of shipbuilding as well as other forms of transport that have defined the city over time.

My 18 month old son enjoyed this as much as my friend's 12 year old. Both could get their hands on interactive displays as well as exploring the mocked-up old Glasgow street complete with an original style underground train station, shops and Italian ice cream parlour.

Forever an advocate of my wonderful city, I am pleased to say that Glasgow makes its museums and art galleries free regardless of whether you are resident or visitor to the city. This means my children will have free and unlimited access to many great cultural resources around the city just as I did growing up. And you can too!

Find out more about The Riverside Museum and other Glasgow museums at the Glasgow Life website.


  1. Wow - that looks like a great day out! We're hoping to get over to Scotland with the kids within the next year or so and this will definitely be on the agenda! Ax

    1. Thank you! And thanks for making the very first comments on my blog :)
      I can recommend tons of things to do in Scotland so do let me know if you plan a trip! x


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