Thursday, 4 April 2013

Make! Kedgeree

My mum often cooked kedgeree for us when we were kids, so it's one of those meals I always associate with my childhood and it gives me that warm and fuzzy comfort feeling. Do you have those meals that give you a funny nostalgic vibe?

Anyway, this is a nice easy and balanced meal to feed your family so it's no wonder it was one of mum's favourites. Most of the ingredients are larder staples and I had some smoked haddock and peas in my freezer.

A great recipe for kedgeree can be found here courtesy of the Hairy Bikers, but it is a bit of a decadent recipe that I find a little OTT for everyday. So I adapted mine using milk instead of cream and brown instead of white basmati rice to make it a little more wholesome for our lunch today. This is amazing served up with boiled eggs, fresh parsley and lemon wedges. The kids ate this very happily too.

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