Friday, 12 April 2013

Hand Rehab! Remedies for weak and damaged nails

My nails have been pathetic for ages and particularly throughout the winter they were in a horrid state. I wanted to get back those lovely bright strong nails I've had in the summer, or during pregnancy (that was one of my pregnancy perks - unbreakable nails!) Enter my new hand rehab kit!

The real star of 'hand rehab' has been the cuticle oil from Superdrug. This is such a cheap product that I'm sure has made a massive difference to my nails. I was having a manicure in January on a girly day out, and the beautician doing my nails recommended I try rubbing oil on my nails every night to improve their condition. So I picked up this cuticle oil pen for a couple of quid from Superdrug. I like it because you just squeeze the oil through the brush and 'paint' it onto cuticles and nails - very convenient and mess free!

I had heard that a glass or crystal file was the gentlest and best tool for filing nails, so I picked up a reasonably priced QVS one also at Superdrug. This is all I use now for shaping my nails.

I apply hand cream before bed and during the day if I need it. My current hand cream is this Ortigia one in the 'Zagara' fragrance. This was a mother's day gift and I love it mostly for its scent of orange blossom. When we went on honeymoon to Morocco we smelled orange blossom everywhere, so this scent is very evocative of that amazing trip! There is a lovely and unique shop in the South Side of Glasgow where you can buy Ortigia's gorgeous range of perfumes, bath products and candles. Check out Pierrot et Coco here.

And I've been using OPI's Nail Envy nail treatment sometimes too. I actually haven't been using this treatment as prescribed because I prefer to leave my nails bare and let them breathe most of the time. But when I'm painting my nails with a colour occasionally, I use Nail Envy as a basecoat and this seems to be a good protective layer which stops my nails from being any worse after a few days under polish.

Another thing I have been making myself do to protect my hands is to always wear marigolds when washing dishes or cleaning my kitchen and bathroom, etc. I absolutely hate wearing rubber gloves and they sort of give me the heebie-jeebies but I'm getting into the habit of just putting them on and getting on with it!

The result of my hand rehab is, I can gladly say, much stronger, harder, and better looking nails that do not break and flake. My poor neglected hands can finally thank me for showing them some love at last!


  1. Great advice and thanks for the heads up on the cuticle oil! I'm a bit obsessed with cuticle oil and love finding new ones - esp ones I can carry round with me. I think it's the one thing that makes a difference to my nails - more than anything else. And you've reminded me how bad I am about the marigolds...*slaps wrists*. As of tomorrow - they are on! Ax

  2. Here's the link to that product Avril:
    It is so handy... groan!


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