Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Days Out in Glasgow: Holmwood House

If you've been to Glasgow you'll probably be familiar with the architecture of Alexander 'Greek' Thomson and his unique take on neoclassical style, which made him one of the leading architects of the nineteenth century. In our locale there are many examples of his work, ranging from tenement blocks and terraced houses to grand mansions like Holmwood House. All the different types of dwelling he built, for inhabitants of a variety of social classes, share the distinctive flourishes of design and beautiful attention to detail that was typical of his work. This house in Cathcart, on the South Side of Glasgow, is considered one of the finest private homes built by 'Greek' Thomson, and is now looked after by the National Trust and open for public view.

We visited Holmwood on a wet day last weekend. The house is as beautiful on the inside as out, and retains much of its original marble frescoes, carved wooden paneling and painted wall decorations, which are so much brighter and bolder than I would have imagined for a house of this period! It is astoundingly decadent, but beautiful at the same time. One of the bedrooms, painted in gold stars, even made me think 'hmm, could this work in my house?!'

The guides at the house were so informative, friendly and interested in little V too. Kids are very welcome here and there is even a lovely antique rocking horse that small children can ride on. There are nice gardens, a shop and tearoom on the premises. We are now keen to return for some of the Hallowe'en festivities at Holmwood as apparently this is one of the biggest events on the property's calendar and they do lots of activities for families which the staff are very enthusiastic about. I think V will love it!

Holmwood House is worth a visit if you happen to be exploring Glasgow's South Side, or if you are an architecture aficionado! As has been the case for us at many National Trust properties, the wonderful staff made a big contribution to our lovely experience. A nice afternoon out on a rainy day.


  1. I nominated you in The Liebster Award!

  2. Sounds like a great day out x


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