Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Healthy scalp and hair: Vichy Dercos products

The Vichy Dercos hair care line is one I came across recently when buying some skincare products online. Thanks to the world of online reviews I often discover things I want to try whilst attempting to buy something else entirely! After years of turning to a certain famous brand of anti-dandruff shampoo whenever faced with an attack of scalp flakiness, I was keen to try something different. I do find that shampoo pretty effective but I honestly just got a bit sick of going back to the same one and having its distinctive smell permeate my bathroom time and time again!

These are the Vichy products I discovered on the Escentuals website. They occasionally have a 30% off sale so you can stock up on products while they are cheap. Currently it's 30% off French pharmacy brands including Vichy, so the shampoo and conditioner were £5.50 each instead of the usual price of over £8.

I find the Dercos anti-dandruff shampoo starts to take effect quickly and my scalp was clear for a few months after I last used up a bottle. The conditioner is a lovely rich, smoothing treatment that's good for hair like mine which, although straight,  can be a bit staticky and uncooperative if not well-conditioned. The products have a fairly strong fragrance but it's pleasant and I like my hair being a bit scented.

Typically I buy very cheap hair products but I think these are worth spending a bit more on, especially at the current reduced price. If like me you are prone to scalp flakiness I'd recommend a try!

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