Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Make! Melanzane alla parmigiana

How I love aubergines. I posted recently about an adapted version I made of this dish - my melansagne! But I find it hard to beat a classic melanzane alla parmigiana and I love making it, especially in a heart-shaped dish :) This rich and saucy aubergine will be appreciated by most guests, children, and particularly vegetarians. It makes for a gorgeous starter, a decadent side dish or even a delicious main if you simply choose to serve it with some pasta. This recipe from The Guardian is similar to how I make mine. I always salt my aubergines before cooking as that just seems to work better for me.

Tonight this was our dinner with some spiral pasta. Aubergines are currently a bargain basement 50p each at Asda so I think I will be branching out and trying some new aubergine dishes soon! Do you have any good recipes for this gorgeous vegetable?

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