Monday, 27 May 2013

A Sunday Feast

Happy bank holiday weekend! What better excuse to get friends and family together for a bit of a feast? This was our lunch yesterday.
Slow cooked Moroccan spiced lamb with honeyed apricots, wild rice and toasted almonds.
Chicken and pepper skewers with a lemon, honey and sumac glaze.
Tomato and basil salad with green olives, olive oil and balsamic reduction.
Slow cooked BBQ ribs
My sister's roasted aubergines with pomegranate and yoghurt dressing. This is a delicious recipe from Ottolenghi. My sister is an amazing cook.
My dad's spicy prawns with chorizo. This was fantastic - big flavour!

I love having a tapas style meal like this with lots of different dishes to sample. It is particularly good when feeding lots of guests. Most of my own cooking is a bit improvised but let me know if you're interested in making any of these and I'll put the recipes up!

I hope you are all having lovely bank holiday weekends. Ours has been great so far but it looks like torrential rain all day today. Oh well, hopefully there will be a good movie on TV!


  1. This all looks and sounds AMAZING. My kind of meal... lots of flavour and colour!

    I'm very tempted to pick up the Ottolenghi book now, the aubergine in particular sounds delicious!

    Love Audrey xxx

    1. Thanks Audrey. I love anything involving aubergines and you can't go wrong with Ottolenghi!
      Hannah xxx

  2. Wow! What a feast! It all looks amazing and yummy! x

    1. Thanks Jill. Nothing beats a big feast on a Sunday! x

  3. Oh my, this feast looks absolutely delicious! My tummy is rumbling now :)

    1. Thank you Shanna! I always enjoy seeing your lovely cooking too :) x


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