Monday, 20 May 2013

Window as headboard

Another decor update!

We recently had our master bedroom stripped back from polystyrene tiles, textured wallpaper and an oppressive dark colour scheme, to white walls and the original Victorian features. This was extremely refreshing but has left the room looking somewhat of a blank canvas. The way we had our furniture looked just too symmetrical, so we decided to move it all around and put our bed up against the window. So instead of the oversized upholstered headboard we were planning to make, we've ended up with the window as our headboard. I really like it.
I've dressed up our bed as it was also looking very blank with its white sheets. You can see from the view across the road that we live in a classic Glasgow tenement flat!
I love the look of the washed-out rose coloured bedlinen I've seen recently at places like Toast, but it is really pricey. I used this pale pink throw from Ikea to make an inexpensive version of this look. The cushions are from H&M and give a bit of contrasting colour.
From H&M Conscious Collection. These cushion covers were only about £4 each.
Grey throw from John Lewis, pink throw from Ikea
I love my battered old trunks and suitcases. This one was a housewarming gift from friends and tells an interesting story. At one time it travelled with a ballet company, so it still has various travel stickers on it plus inventories of contents that include headdresses, tutus, tights and plastic flowers! The trunk serves as a blanket box at the foot of our bed.
One of our reading lamps is an industrial inspection lamp which hangs from the window frame. I like the stark look of the lamp and its bright orange flex.
And here's the pastel fest of our bed next to the wardrobes I painted. 

The room is still very much unfinished but I will show you what I'm doing as I go along. Hopefully next we can find some nice artwork to adorn our walls. Getting there...

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