Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Make! Indian spiced roast chicken

This is a very simple but effective way to jazz up a chicken. Before roasting the chicken I simply spread a layer of Patak's Tikka Paste all over the chicken, plus a drizzle of chilli oil.
Preparation of this meal was very quick. Above you can see everything ready for the oven. I also roasted some sliced peppers and red onion as an accompaniment. Try this if you want to do something different next time you roast a chicken - it tastes amazing and the skin goes lovely and crispy. Great served with rice, plus a garnish of fresh coriander and lemon wedges.


  1. This looks yummy! Think I will have to buy a chicken and jar of patak's tomorrow and make this for tea!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Jill. I'm sure you will enjoy this and it couldn't be less hassle to make! x

  3. Hi Hannah, just thought I'd let you know we made this today and it was delicious, no more boring plain chicken in our house from now on! Thanks for the recipe! Jill x

  4. Thanks for the lovely feedback Jill. I am so glad that you made this and enjoyed it x


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