Sunday, 12 May 2013

Make! Waldorf Salad

My first taste of a Waldorf salad was had when I was sixteen and worked in an old-fashioned tearoom. Previously I had always hated celery, but the amazing textures in this salad made me see that crunchy vegetable in a whole new way forever. I love celery now and today something made me want to make a Waldorf salad again. It was part of our Sunday dinner and I made far too much, so half of it went home with my sister. So if you make this you might want to make less than I did, unless you are catering for a wedding or christening or something!
The ingredients:
Sweet crisp apples (I used pink ladies)
Walnut pieces
Mayonnaise (I used extra light to make the salad less fatty)

Chop your apples into small chunks and finely slice the celery.

Add walnuts, some sultanas and enough mayonnaise to coat the ingredients, and stir. Very simple salad with lovely sweet tastes and crunchy textures!

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