Thursday, 9 May 2013

Date Nights: Rock Lobster

The combination of oysters and wine always makes me giddy, and it would ideally be the start of every evening out for me! A recent date night pictured here was spent at Rock Lobster, a new-ish seafood restaurant here in Glasgow. The food was superb and was complimented by its gorgeous courtyard setting in a hidden nook of the Merchant City area. Glasgow is generally not the place for alfresco dining but eating by the floor-to-ceiling windows here in Virginia Court on a bright spring evening was the next best thing. And I must give mention to the wine list which featured a few of our favourites. See the menu on their website here.

For a relaxed but special meal, a good-looking restaurant and friendly service, I'd urge you to pay this place a visit. Can't wait to go back!


  1. I love oysters! Have checked out the menu - it looks great. Unfortunately I live in Surrey so it would be a long journey! x

    1. It is lovely. Have you ever been to any of the Loch Fyne restaurants in the South East? I think the oysters from Loch Fyne are some of the best you can get, so the restaurants are worth checking out if you're near one x


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