Thursday, 30 May 2013

Surprise beauty: Alternative uses for baby products!

Since becoming a mum I have been introduced to a new world of lotions and potions for me and my little one, and some of these products have been godsends to me. Some of my favourites have been: Bio-oil, which kept my skin supple and eased that awful bump-itch during pregnancy. Also, I'm sure I couldn't have breastfed at all with out the help of Lansinoh cream and its amazing healing properties - it was an absolute must-have and helped me deal with, what was for me, a very painful experience. These days I tend to wash my hair with nice mild baby shampoos, and I love the L'Occitane shea butter 'Mum and Baby Lotion'. We've used Bepanthen nappy ointment since V started getting the occasional bit of nappy rash, which has luckily always been very mild but is an irritation nonetheless. This ointment is nothing short of miraculous in how quickly it clears up redness and sore bits.
Recently when I had a little bit of a head cold and a sniffly nose, the skin around my nose and top lip got quite red and sore from nose-blowing and constant tissue abrasion! So it struck me to try a bit of Bepanthen on the skin to see if it would help. Usually this soreness would hang around for a couple of days then leave me with dry, flaky skin for a few more, but with a liberal coating of Bepanthen it was cleared up literally overnight! I've also discovered this is great on lips plus rough skin patches on elbows and knees. I think the key is that this acts as an excellent barrier cream, while its lanolin content is great for repairing the skin. Bepanthen you are my new surprise beauty hero!


  1. Oh, I could use some of that Bepanthen. Seems like a great product.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

    1. Thanks for your nice comment Kristine :)
      I am now following your lovely blog x

  2. love this post :) i also love sudocreme! its surprisingly useful in a lot of ways :)

  3. Thanks Shireen :)
    I must try sudocreme too - it seems to be one that a lot of people swear by! x


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