Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Healthy switch-up: bolognese sauce with turkey mince

Although I love red meat, we're always being told to eat less of it for health reasons. I do still eat it perhaps more often than I should, but I do like to vary the proteins that our family eat as much as possible.

In this country, most of us only eat turkey around Christmas time, but I love this versatile meat and try to eat it regularly. It is tasty, lean and often dubbed a 'superfood' by dietitian types. Not to mention how cheap it is. We use turkey steaks, turkey sausages and most frequently turkey mince in our cooking. Here I've replaced the beef in a bolognese sauce with turkey, and we all enjoyed it. I also used rice pasta to vary things as I felt we'd been eating a lot of wheat recently. I try to vary our grains too! I added extra vegetables to the sauce as this is always a good 'sneaky' way to feed everyone their 5 a day.

Do you have any healthy substitutions you like to use in your cooking? Are you a fan of turkey too?

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